Monday, April 25, 2011


was cycling down the Mersey from Jackson's Boat to Stockport and took this rather fetching photo of the M60's underside.

A rat scurried by, up to no good I'd wager.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring has sprung...

and all the little animals, so long tucked in their beds are up and lively. The country is awash with furred and feather creatures. Rabbits, hares, badgers, hedgehogs, field mice, shrews, moles, herons, I could go on, for they certainly are. Driving has become hazardous, a life and death affair.  Some country roads are like butcher's slabs. All that mess, it can upset the equilibrium. Nature red in tooth and claw, indeed. There's plenty of red, loads of tooth and quite a bit claw though mostly spread like jam. On such scarlet surfaces a person could skid, lose control, crash. One slip and it's  my tooth and claw feeding the freeloading crows.

Should such a thing happen there'd no doubt be a shrine. A simple menhir,  and dedication would do the trick. "Dan smorgasbord Flynn. Giving, even as he was taken away."

Just thinking of the crowds chokes me up.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The universe...

is a funny old place and full of surprises. By all accounts the great black yonder, until now thought to be a place of peace and quiet is instead stuffed with singing stars  all lustily blaring away like there's no tomorrow.

It's little wonder I can't sleep at night.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

It is spring...


Yesterday me and a lonely daff enjoyed the sun that beat down on meandering River Mersey as it rolled past Didsbury.  With bike under bum, a trusty steed indeed and warm westerly breeze the ride was heaven on earth and not in a religious way either, oh no.

A wandering stoat, it might have been a ferret, skipped from the bushes, scratched it's ear, picked it's teeth, took a look around and declared 'Fuck me, it's spring.'

"It is that sir," replied I, stopping so as not to crush the tiny creature beneath freedom's wheel. And not before time too."

The stoat appraised me with a stoney eye. "Why are you dressed in yellow?" It asked.

"The yellow is reflective safety wear used when riding on roads so vehicles can see me rather than kill me."

"But you're not on a road," Said my minuscule yet oblong friend. "This is the countryside, a riverbank in fact."

"Well spotted, " Said I, thinking, who'd have thought it, a pedantic stoat, "But I had to cycle down a road to get here."

"What's a road?" It said in that superior yet stoatish way

Reader, I ran it over, well, tried to run it over but stoats are wily buggers.

"Wanker." It shouted.

"Wanker back." I replied but by then the moral high ground had gone.