Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eat more insects...

says UN. Marty Bodkin, spokesbug for INSECTS! the main European collective of Insectum and Allied Chitinous Groupings, pictured, told Associated Press, "Just because we're small it doesn't mean we can't love."

Marty, always one to provide a little colour was later seen gorging at the bottom of an unwashed jam jar while belting out that old classic, "If you think we are fucked clap your hands."

Another spokesbug for INSECTS! told the BBC sternly, "It's a disappointment to us that Marty is back on the jam."


Guyana-Gyal said...

Someone told me they were discussing eating worms too.

They'd better keep their grubby hands off my garden worms!

Dan Flynn said...

Grubby hands? Grubby... grubs... ha ha. Good joke. I just wonder where all of this might end. With amoeba? Oh we're aready there if your a lover of yoghurt. Which I am, by the way.